Paleo faileo

And with one big gulp of milk, it was over. Well not entirely but for the most part my paleo experiment is over. Since the last update until two days ago there had been no more slip ups, but there had been tantrums and interesting skin developments.

The tantrums usually involved dessert and usually occurred when Nutella was being consumed next to me on the couch. At one point Seb seemed very amused and perplexed as he watched me stomping around the kitchen fighting with myself about having (or not having as the case was) dessert. Ok, so maybe this zero sugar thing was harder than I was letting on.

Unfortunately the skin thing was a bit less controllable than tantrums. Over the last week and a bit I started getting very dry, scaly and red patches all over my face. No matter what quantity of moisturising cream was applied, it was getting worse. I am not one to ‘internet diagnose’ but after reading a bit I did discover that large quantities of raw egg whites and eggs in general can be quite troublesome for some people. I was having a raw egg every day in my smoothies, plus cooked eggs for lunches on the weekends. Lots of eggs.

Then there was the calcium. The little worry in the back of my mind kept telling me that I was not meeting my calcium needs. Maybe I was, but I wasn’t going to get out a calculator and work it out. And so, with that big glass of milk on Thursday night, things began to slip-slide away. Milk smoothy (sans egg) for breakfast,  two cappuccinos at morning tea, creamy potato bake and birthday cake for Seb’s dad’s birthday. Dairy is back on the menu! But looking forward, I will definitely limit (as much as possible) to good dairy such as milk and cottage cheese, with less salty fetta and fatty cheddar.

And that brings me to the last item on the paleo diet: grains. I have not noticed a big difference to my gut in the last three and a bit weeks. Much to Seb’s displeasure, more farting, yes, but that is for sure a result of the increased amounts of dried fruits.  What I am going to attempt is to go gluten-free for a while but allow grains like corn, rice, buckwheat, and quinoa. I want to give it a good month to see what the benefits are, but I’ll spare you the details and won’t be posting about it unless miracles happen.

Lessons learned:

  • Protein and natural fats from things like avocados and coconut keep you full and energised for long periods of time.
  • Increasing lean protein to once every meal is amazing for recovery.
  • Sugar is bad. Cut it out for three weeks then try to go back: I guarantee things taste different and artificial.
  • Cutting out all grains is very hard. Hard to easily meet carb requirements, hard to prepare alternate meals, hard to eat anything outside of home besides a salad or meal you prepare yourself.
  • 85% dark chocolate and oven dried whole bananas and the yummiest treats ever. Oh yeah, and chocolate coconut butter. It is even better than Nutella.

Coconut Chocolate Butter – Raw Organic – AMAZING!

Thanks to all for the encouragement, especially to those who attempted dairy, sugar and grain free concoctions when I was around. It has been interesting and educational, but it’s not for me. Going back to my original paleo-skeptical post I mentioned “I have always stuck by the philosophy that pretty much everything is fine in moderation”. Nearly a month later and I still fully support that statement.

Happy eating!


2 thoughts on “Paleo faileo

  1. Bindi

    Haha good insight…. cant help but ummm “told you so?” 😛 glad you were able to take some aspects of the diet and incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle. As you stated- “pretty much everything is fine in moderation” 🙂


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