On being The Seb

It ain’t easy being The Seb. Being stuck in the body of a 6’5, hairy, sweaty behemoth of a man who constantly has to deal with B.O. and the pressure of living in the shadow of a cooler, better looking, more popular and more adventurous girlfriend all puts a certain weight on a person’s shoulders. No wonder it takes so long to get out of bed in the morning.

The Seb in his element

Having said all this, I am honoured to have been asked to contribute as a guest blogger to Biking Bethany’s blog. I plan to write about The Seb’s take on the The Seb, the world around him, his dreams and aspirations and, of course, his Beth. There will be opinion pieces, gear reviews, race reports as well as general waffle. If readers have particular issues they would like The Seb to pass comment on I would strongly encourage them to write in with these requests except, of course, for you Martin.

The Seb started his life in humble Hobart, Tasmania as the eldest son and middle child of three. Already as a young lad he showed himself to possess a considerable appetite. On one occasion the voracious three year-old was asked what he would like for dinner and proceeded to return from the kitchen with a frozen leg of lamb in tow. A petite vegetarian he is not…..

Canberra soon became home and, despite a short stint in NZ where he picked up his love of sheep and all things agricultural, continues to be his home. As a freshly anointed university graduand, he went for a ride with friends on a sunny Canberra day and met a girl riding a bike he quite liked (the girl wasn’t too shabby either) and, as they say, the rest is history. Despite his numerous attempts to rid himself of her by moving interstate and overseas, love prevailed and The Sebbeth reside happily in their quaint abode complete with an ever increasing flotilla of bikes.

The Seb leads a simple life. He enjoys long rides in the hills, bush-whacking with a map in hand, romantic strolls on the beach and a warm cup of coffee in the company of friends. By day he is a humble public servant working his heart out for the Australian tax-payer and by night he plans his next adventure – or at least listens to Beth telling him what the next adventure he will be accompanying her on consists of!

Stay tuned for further installments. If you are lucky we may even see a diversion from writing in the third person…

Big Love

The Seb


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