Deciding like a ninja

Since my accident at the Scott 24hr last October, I must admit I have had trouble making decisions about races. The list of events in the pipeline is very long and typically includes events which involve riding my bike for many hours, if not days, at a time. Always my mind says yes yes yes when adding them to the list, but as of late, the body keeps saying no. The coming months are full with potential events including Back Yamma Bigfoot, Kowalski Classic, the Scott 24hr, Terra Australis, Crocodile Trophy, the Highland Fling 100 miler, HuRT and the rest of the Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind series.

With my shoulder still not entirely happy, some choices need to be made. However, remembering back to April when a week out from solo 24 hour nationals and I still hadn’t made the choice to ride or not, it seems apparent that my decision making approach could do with some tweaking.  I just don’t seem to be able to include the injury into the calculation when it comes to crunch time. I can see now though, that with big events on the cards including one overseas, that I need to get serious. The reality is that my shoulder is weak. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after four dislocations and two lots of surgery. It can handle about 7 to 8 hours mountain biking on singletrack, longer on firetrail and has been fine for any amount of time on the road bike.

So,  if it’s not working, change your approach. 

I need a new approach to choosing events  instead of laboriously umming and ahhhhing for days, wishing I could, knowing I probably shouldn’t. I need to be able to decide faster. Fast like a ninja?

Luckily, Ask A Ninja has some great advice about decision making. Teehee, this is classic:

And with that advice on board, here it goes (no stabbing I promise):

Back Yamma Bigfoot – Flowy, fast, less technical hence less demanding on shoulder, 100km. Staying on the list. BAM!

Kowalski Classic – Twisty, all singletrack, medium technical, demanding. Fun ride with friend on the Hume Hovell track that weekend. A little bit of eeni-meenie-miney-mo and…POW! Off the list.

The Scott 24hr – Very technical and tough, can’t ride sections of the course, shoulder not ready for 24 hours of singletrack. As much as I want to, I know I can’t. This is the hardest to decide on, but alas, off the list. GONE!

Terra Australis – Already sorted out accommodation, tough race but less technical, my endurance fitness is good at the moment, opportunity to rest / ice etc overnights. Staying on the list. YES!

Crocodile Trophy –  Not prepared even in the slightest for this at the moment. As fast as a ninja chop this one is off the list.

Highland Fling 100 miler – tough, might be too close to Terra. Not unachieveable. Mix of firetrail and singletrack. Not technical. OK!

HuRT (Hunter Race Trail) – Lots of techy singletrack, could take me 30 hours. I don’t have the strength to hike-a-bike fully loaded time after time at the moment. Soon, but not yet. Off the list.

Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind series – Coming second in the series. Super fun events. Seb is already entered for them all so we will be going anyway. Of course these are staying on the list!

Well, there we go, that is a start anyway.  Don’t hold me to it, but at least that is some choices. I’ll see you at Back Yamma Bigfoot people!


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