Love the ‘Berra – why would you live anywhere else?

The Seb spends a lot of time contemplating his surrounds. 

In weighing up the pros and cons of living where he chooses to live, he invariably comes to the conclusion that Canberra is the best city for him. Whilst he does not claim to have lived or visited every place on the planet, he does bring some experience to the table having travelled somewhat and lived in three countries and three States of Australia during his twenty-something years. Travel can be fun, stimulating, challenging and inspiring but nothing quite beats the feeling of coming over the hill to see Black Mountain Tower appear in the distance and knowing you’re home.

Speccy view from the National Arboretum

The Seb has everything he needs in the ‘Bra: hills to ride up, lakes to paddle in, forests to get lost running in, spreadsheets needing to be built, friends to drink coffee with (as well as Martin), parents to make him dinner and a wonderful girlfriend to tuck him into bed at night. Here his inner Neanderthal can feel connected with nature and unconstrained by the world around him. A 20 minute drive will ensure he is on the other side of the city (or out of the State) and he doesn’t waste away his life sitting in traffic.

A quick comparison of commutability serves as a useful paradigm for why The Seb lives where he lives.

In Canberra, he can bounce out of bed and roll out his driveway, 2 minutes down the road and he can enjoy a 30 minute cruise to the office along quiet bike paths skirting the lake. During his stint in one of Australia’s largest cities that shall remain nameless, his 45 minute commute featured pot-holed roads, aggressive drivers,  an obscene number of traffic lights, dashes down dodgy back streets to avoid said drivers and traffic lights, smog and general chaos. The only positive was getting to ride across a certain bridge twice a day. Rarely would a day go by without him fearing for his life. For The Seb, this is no way to live.

Canberra, you are so lovely!

Of course, there is an element of horses for courses in all of this and we chose where we want to live partly based on our lifestyle. That said though, The Seb couldn’t be happier if the people who say Canberra is dull and life-less chose to continue to waste away their lives enjoying their chosen places of residence and leave him in peace in his little piece of paradise.

Long live the ‘Berra says The Seb!

1 thought on “Love the ‘Berra – why would you live anywhere else?

  1. Fox

    Cycling around LBG in autumn. The Canberra Day fireworks. The National Library, National Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery … The nature reserves all around the city centre. No traffic jams … ever. Great cycling paths. A population that is, on average, more liberal, younger and more educated than that of any other Australian city. Being so close to the bush and national parks. The multicultural festival. Enlighten. ANU. No crowds.

    God, I miss this place …


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