Mountains for perspective

The worried emails were getting more frequent, so I thought it time to pull myself out of my big sulk and let people know that I am indeed alive and well (sort of). Maybe with a little more Christmas pudge and numb fingers than before the holidays, but I am back and eager to get writing (and riding) again!

Tales of our New Zealand Christmas adventures await, so while I gather my thoughts about what we have been up to here is something to whet the appetite.

I love mountains. I love everything about them. The challenge on the way up, the rewarding and most often breathtaking views at the top, the buzz you get coming back down again and the perspective they give to your life. How young, tiny and insignificant I seem compared to them. How they magically make all my worries seem so nonsensical.

NZ has some of the most spectacular mountains I have even seen. Here is a sneak peek of how we explored them.

Viewing mountains by boat.


There was hiking in the mountains.


There was  riding in the mountains.


Smiles in the mountains!


There was even a proposal in the mountains 🙂

Proposals in the mountains!!

Hiking the Milford Track will be instalment number one. Thanks goodness it is a public holiday tomorrow, time to get writing!!

BB .

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