And we’re off again!

This weekend Seb and I will be taking part in the Mawson Mega Marathon, which is another bikepacking style event. There will be five starters heading to Blinman in SA and we’ll start riding on Friday morning (19th April). The course follows the iconic Mawson Trail from Blinman all the way back to Adelaide, nearly 900km in total. If you are a fan of dot watching, you can follow us here. The call-in feature may also be up and running live during the event on Spooncast.

We can expect some amazing scenery around the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound. From the vast open desert we’ll head into classic South Australian wine country, passing through the Clare and Barossa valleys. On the outskirts of the little German town Tanunda we will also pass a very special winery, Bethany Wines! I am sure that after 800km of cycling I will just have to stop in for a wee tipple. Blog post will follow a bit later after the event ’cause I am hanging out in Adelaide for the week with the grandparents for some well earned R&R (and wine)!


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