Happy as a pig in mud

With rain forecast and the dullness of a cold Canberra morning already set in, I was very close to bailing on my ride this morning. But with serious hills on my mind for Mongolia, I took some HTFU along with my morning vitamin C and headed out.

Not long after I left the bitumen it started pouring. Once the rain made sure I had a good soaking, it eased off and I could settle into the Two Sticks climb.

The lyrebirds were clearly loving the rain and their songs were echoing all around me.

Two hours in and I found myself partway up the climb but well above the mist and clouds.


The forest smelt divine, so fresh and awake.


By the time I started descending it was pouring again and the road was quickly becoming a quagmire. One lone 4WD honked and gave me (who was already starting to look quite brown) a “what the hell are you doing out here?” look as he zipped by.


By the time I got back to the blessed tar I was entirely muddy and looking pretty sloppy. Even if it was only a couple of hours, it was the best ride I have done in ages and I am so glad I got out.

As happy as a pig in mud!

3 thoughts on “Happy as a pig in mud

  1. Nan Thompson

    Hi dear Beth,
    Looks like you can’t get away from that infernal mud! Brings back memories of South Australia.
    Forest looked great – lyrebirds wow!!!

    1. bethany Post author

      Yes mud seems to have be the flavour of the year for me! The Brindabella Ranges are full if lyrebirds and satin bower birds, very lovely to have them for riding company 🙂


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