Snow white

To cap off a hard week of training, Bleeksie and I headed for the hills again yesterday. This time, we found snow! It seems the winter sun couldn’t melt the snow which fell on the Brindabella Ranges last week. Thanks for the company, the photo and the blog title Bleeksie 🙂


It has been a freezing week in Canberra, with morning temperatures nearly all below zero, and Thursday dropping to -6°C! Bring on Spring, only one more month to go.

Also, how awesome are my new pink gloves? Love!


2 thoughts on “Snow white

  1. AndrewGills

    It’d be amazing to ride in or near the snow. Perhaps I only say that because I’m a Queenslander but still. Then again, -6’C is a bit cold for me. Perhaps I’d prefer the warmth of a Brisbane winter to seeing snow – LOL.

  2. bethany Post author

    The snow is lovely when the sun is out but I am not a fan of freezing morning training. I couldn’t ride in Brisbane humidity though, you can keep that! 🙂


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