Recovery, Hammer style

Yesterday I did what we all dread: I went out training and left my pile of bars and electrolyte tablets on the bench. An hour into my 100km dash before work and I was on the outskirts of Canberra in thick, drenching fog. It was freezing and I was very close to turning around for home.

As I got back into the suburbs I started thinking about warm cafes filled with coffee and toasted banana bread. No, bad Beth!

What about even just a service station with muesli bars? I knew that stopping would be a very bad idea though, as I was drenched both inside and out of my jacket. “Keep going keep going” I was telling my frozen toes and growling tummy…

100km rolled around and I was home, but had to shower and get to work pronto as it was already past 9am, whooops! I had just received a huge order from Hammer Nutrition for Mongolia, so I dived right in. In the car I munched on not one, but two, Chocolate-Peanut Vegan Recovery Bars.

I am hooked, these bars are delicious! Chocolate covered peanut butter gooey goodness. Raw and organic AND vegan. I will have no trouble finishing a long day on the Mongolian steppes with one of these bad boys. Yum!

A balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast?


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