Messy bucks and classy hens

Well I can finally say that the bucks and hens celebrations have now concluded and Seb has both eyebrows! Success!

Two weekends ago I spent a few days exploring the Australian alpine region of the Snowy Mountains. This little impromptu girls weekend stemmed from the fact that my house was being invaded by men, and lots of them. So as it turned out, Seb’s bucks weekend gave us the perfect excuse for a girl’s trip away! As we packed the cars, loaded bikes and drove on into Friday night, it was quite liberating to think it was just us girls!

We spent the weekend based in Jindabyne,  which is fast becoming recognised as a summer outdoor mecca for water skiing, trout fishing, mountain biking and hiking. We had so many stairs to climb to get to the apartment but the view was definitely worth it, especially at sunset.


On Saturday Ria and I drove up to Thredbo, took the chairlift to the top of the ski slopes and then completed the 14km return walk to the top of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. It was a spectacular day with 360 degrees of some of the best mountains in the country.


Above the ski slopes there are no trees, just gorgeous little paper daises and alpine shrubbery. We also managed to perfectly time our meeting with Mace and Phoebe at 2228m in the middle of their four hour run.

This is definitely one of my most favourite places.



In the arvo we checked out the mtb trails at Bungarra Alpine Center which were really, really awesome! Despite it being at 35 degrees and sighting two snakes (and hearing plenty more), it was great to ride with the girls! Will definitely have to get back here next New Years Eve for the Wicked Wombat 8 hour.


My hens party was due to kick off the next weekend down at the South Coast of NSW, starting with a 200km mtb to get there! Unfortunately with scorching 41 degree heat and bush fire danger and total fire bans, we decided driving was the best plan. This meant we could relax and enjoy High Tea on the balcony and dress up for croquet and some refreshing G&Ts!


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