The final countdown

In February 2012 we received our Tour Divide dvd and t-shirt combo package in the post and we were so excited! Since then Seb and I have had heaps of great adventures together and with lots of awesome friends who either crazy or stupid enough to join us! We’ve done lots of planning, rethinking, repacking, cold rides, hot rides, long rides, seen big views, big mountains and everything in between. As we reach the final weeks before we head off for Tour Divide, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Seb for all his support. Not only has he embraced my obsession with bikes and crazy adventures, but he has always joined me and pushed me that little bit harder each time to be the best I can be. Heck, we even got engaged while bikepacking! We have had some epics since that first time we watched Tour Divide on the living room floor at Courtney and Al’s, and I bet they didn’t know what they were getting us hooked on that night!

We’ll post the link to follow our dots once the website is all up and running in mid-June. Until then, here’s some fun photos from some of our adventures!


Where it all began! Crazy kids!

A successful weekend for the Sebeth!

Our first overnight ride to Tumut 2012


Starting the Mawson Mega Marathon in SA


Riding to Tarthra for Easter

Dalesford lunch stop

GDT bikepacking race with Courts and Al

Selfie of the newly engaged lovebirds

Bikepacking proposal!


Honeymoon on the Munda Biddi Trail


Impersonating grass trees in WA

Munda Biddi excitement

Munda Biddi excitement


Bikepacking around NZ


Finishing Kiwi Brevet 2015



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