Tour Divide is here

Hi all, 

A quick hello from Banff, Canada before we start the race on Friday 8am! Seb and I have had a fantastic time road tripping from Vancouver to Banff. We have seen some incredible scenery and ridden some awesome trails including Vancouver, Whistler and Banff! 

Bikes are all set and both Seb and I went on a bit of a solo test ride today. Both saw bears and mountain goats, and I saw elk too! 

Here are all the links so you can follow us and the race as we ride North to South across America! 

Race tracking:

Race chatter: 

Racer call ins:

We’ll be posting to or FB page along the way:

Cheer us on and leave plenty encouragement, we’ll need it! We have passed over blogging rights to our bikepacking buddies Courtney Shinn and Al Gribble from Rolling Adventures to keep you updated with where we are at! So watch this space!

Thanks for all your support everyone. You know who you are and what you have done to help us get to the start line. 

Happy dot watching!



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