Tour Divide Update 4 days 20 hours in!!

Just some links and updates regarding Beth and Seb’s Tour Divide Epic Adventure!! Posting this at about 8pm 17/6 AUS Time.

Beth’s SPOT last updated 6hr ago (about 2pm AUS Time) so not sure if she is still in this spot for the night or if she’s gone forward but at that stage she had ridden 1100kms!!! That was about 30 miles behind Leal Wilcox the current leader but her SPOT updated only 5 mins, so Beth could well have past her. Hoping Beth gets to ride with her cos she seems like a cool chick that would be interesting to meet!  Another women Alice Drobna is riding very close if not, with Beth, don’t know much about her background.
Some photos from the start:
The-Tour-Divide-Race-Grand-Depart-in-Banff-36-1335x890 The-Tour-Divide-Race-Grand-Depart-in-Banff-37-1335x890

MTB CAST from Beth:

Seb’s SPOT last updated 3 hr 46mins ago (about 4pm AUS Time)
He has ridden 944.03 miles, which is 1519.2km. That is epic! He is in 4th position and is at a town called Lima. Here are some posts from his facebook page over the last few days:

“Bit of bad news from my end….apart from general soreness you’d expect given the volume we’ve been doing, my right knee has become pretty painful today. Have been going backwards and struggling especially this afternoon but am hoping its just some referral pain from tight hammies and foot pain I’ve had last 2 days. Anyway am having a burger in Basin and hopefully soft pedal to Butte tonight and have more sensible day tomorrow. Go Beth!”

And then:
“Knee fortunately seems bit better after some r&r at a motel in butte last night. Made Lima tonight after a big of a long push. Idaho tomorrow!”
Seb Dunne Jun 14 02 Seb Dunne Jun 14 03 SEB1The two of them are riding strong and in good spirits. They have loads of people addicted checking their blue dots and wishing them a tonne of good vibes and support!!! GO BETH AND SEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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