Tour Divide final update

Hullo! We are about to jump on a plane home tomorrow so thought I’d post a quick update since I realised that all the final updates are only on Facebook!

Seb and I managed to find each other after he got his bike fixed and I gave the OK for him to tag along (he didn’t want to ruin my headspace or anything of the likes). It was great to have company and after some of the highs and lows that the Gila threw at us it was really special to be able to cross the finish line together!

We finished in 19 days 2 hours and 37 mins… Or something like that! That meant I snuck in about an hour under the women’s record but that was neither here nor there, considering the amazing ride Lael Wilcox put in to finish in just over 17 days!!

Without a doubt the Tour Divide was the hardest but most rewarding and memorable challenge I have tackled yet. Upon finishing I swore NEVER EVER again… But today is a week after finishing and the day dreaming has already begun. Let’s forget about that for now 🙂

Will post up plenty of stories and pictures upon our return home. 

Thanks so much for following and for all your kind words and support. We had a blast! 



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