Bike stores

I am a big supporter of Box of Bikes in Canberra: a family oriented, friendly shop. There are two stores in Canberra, Majura Park and Phillip.


I use a combination of Hammer Nutrition and Scratch Labs for bike related nutrition and hydration.


For bikepacking I run a dynamo driven LED lighting system from kLite. It has the additional functionality of charging two AA batteries and can also utilise USB to charge other items such as an iPhone or Garmin.

Bikepacking Gear

Check out BikeBagDude for top-quality, Australian made bikepacking bags and accessories.

Warmth & Waterproof Accessories

Sealskinz socks and gloves are amazing and have saved my frozen fingers and toes on so many occasions.

1 thought on “Supporters

  1. Grant

    Sad news, if correct Beth, that you have had to retire from IPWR. You had many people following with interest. Good luck for your next challenge. Rest well.


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