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Ride on, Willo

On the weekend a bunch of us crammed into the car and headed up early on Sunday morning to the beloved Wingello State Forest for the James Williamson Enduro Challenge. It was freezing cold and the wind was howling so strongly that we actually nearly lost the bikes off the back of the bike rack on the Federal Highway. Eeek!

The atmosphere was buzzing as we got ready and signed on the big board like the pros do. I managed to score a test tyre from the guys at Rubena Tyres, which was great news because at about 8pm the night before I realised my only tyre choice was a heavy-ass left over Maxis UST tubeless tyre with a tube!

The course was just as fantastic as last year: flowy singletrack and big firetrail hills. I love riding on the Wingello trails! People were so friendly out on the track too. I wasn’t in it to win it and really enjoyed sitting back and just cruising around enjoying myself. It gave me a chance to have a little smile for Jimmi too. He was a good friend and was the one who introduced me to 24hr racing. I am sure he would be so happy to see all those people were out there having a blast, doing something they love, in memory of him.

Smiles all round as Ria attempts the champagne! (photo by Steve Evans Photography)

Ria smashed it home: winning the race from the first corner we never saw her again! I started feel pain in my left ITB in the second lap and was over taken by second place. Cruised it home for third place overall. We are going to buy Ria some cheap champagne and start practicing her podium etiquette as her champagne spray was definitely more of an interesting squirt. Maybe a bottle each week after our Thursday night rides Ria? 🙂

To top off an already fantastic day, I was the Giant bike winner in the prize draw! Scored a dual suspension Giant Anthem! Thanks to all for a great day out.

Ride on, Willo.

Me with the new Giant