About Beth

I love to ride bikes and anything will do! Mountain bikes, road bikes, track bikes, bikepacking, racing, touring  and coffee rides, I love it all. I also ride in a road racing team in the national road series, which is a good way to keep fit and keep testing myself. I have grown up in Canberra, which the ‘bush capital’ of Australia. We are close to the mountains, surrounded by national park, close to the snow, the beach and the big cities like Sydney are only a few hours drive. I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

My husband Seb, who is equally as enthusiastic about cycling and the outdoors, and I like to go on adventures from weekends bikepacking to mountain bike racing in Mongolia or riding bikes across America. He is a very popular guest blogger on BikingBethany, so keep an eye out for his next post.

If you are ever in Canberra and need someone to show you around the trails, go for a coffee ride or a scenic road loop, then drop us a line!



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